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Frequently Asked Questions

Window and Door hardware

What type of windows are folding openers suited for?

Our folding openers are suited for top hung opening outward and centre pivot outward opening sashes up to approximately 3 metres from finished floor level.

What if the window is above 3 metres from finished floor level?

Windows above 3 metres alongside windows in a deep reveal at lower levels may be unsuitable for opening devices operated by pole. For such windows manual or electric winding gear can act as an alternative.

How can I identify which folding opener I need?

When trying to identify which folding opener is most suitable the following are key points to consider:

  • Number of windows requiring openers
  • Window material: timber, metal or PVC-U constructed
  • Window sash and frame dimensions: is there sufficient material to physically allow the folding opener to be fitted?
  • Opening window width and height
  • Are the windows at a height from the floor that will allow operation by hand or will pole operation be required?