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Touch Bar

PHT50 Reversible Single Point Touch Bar LatchTouch Bars
PHT55 Reversible 3 Point Touch Bar Bolt
PHT57 Reversible 3 Point Touch Bar Latch

Touch Bars
The touch bar panic exit range comprises of a full width touch bar and modular components Provides 1,2 and 3 point latches (with horizontal or side entry Pullman latches) and 2 or 3 point bolts (with vertical Pullman latches).
Supplied with dogging as standard (can be provided without).

Standard devices suit doors up to 2585mm(H) x 860mm(W).
For larger doors extra wide touch bars of 1170mm and 1300mm are available.
For doors up to 3150mm high extra-long vertical rods are available.

Standard size touch bar 840mm is suitable for doors up to 860mm(W).
Doors exceeding these dimensions extra wide touch bars of 1170mm and 1300mm are available.

Suitable for panic exits in public buildings.
CE marked to EN 1125: 2008
Classification 3-7-7-B-1-4-2-2-B-A
Options: Microswitch (In either the operating mechanism or push bar) Outside access (With lever handle or knob)
Powder Coated: Silver (EPS) 20
Black (EPB) 01
White (EPW) 25
Black with Green cross arm (BGN) 81
Black with SAA cross arm (BSR) 80
Silver with Green cross arm (SGN) 82
Plated Finish: Satin Stainless Steel Plated (SSSP) 44
Touchclean™: Antibacterial coating available to special order.
Various RAL colours and plated finishes are available on request.
Please contact us for details.