Strand Hardware

Frequently Asked Questions

Product colours & finishes

Can I get different colours and finishes on products?

Yes the option of different colours and finishes are available. Product catalogues identify the standard colours and finishes for each product. For special orders please contact us to discuss further.

What RAL Colours are available?

There are a number of RAL colours available, those which are not offered as a standard colour may be available upon request. Please contact us for further information.

What plated finishes are available?

Brass, Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Bronze and Satin or Polished Chrome are our popular plated finishes; however other plated finishes may be available, please contact us to discuss further.

What is a passivated finish?

Passivation is the process of improving the surface conditions of stainless steel through removing iron that has been attached to the surface through the product manufacturing process. Ultimately it helps protect the product from rusting.

What is the purpose of TouchClean coating?

TouchClean antibacterial coating can be applied in addition to the standard or plated finish across all panic hardware devices and many of our other products. The purpose of TouchClean coating is to eliminate bacteria, toxins and debris producing a near sterile, hygienic and safe area.

Infectious bacteria are spread from person to person either through direct contact, airborne or by people touching an object. In buildings door hardware is a product almost everyone touches. Impossible to clean after each point of contact TouchClean coating will do the job being more effective than bleach, working 24/7 and lasting years.