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Emergency Exit & Panic Hardware

What is the difference between emergency and panic exit devices?

All devices of emergency exit hardware are suitable for premises where people are familiar with the exits and the hardware, therefore a panic situation is unlikely to develop such as work offices. Panic exit devices can be used in any type of building such as hotels, schools, retail outlets, and hospitals etc where there is high public traffic where people are unfamiliar with the surroundings.

What is meant by the term Dogging?

A dogging facility is a means of holding the latch bolts retracted to permit free passage through the door until released when the door is then secured. The legislation BS EN1125 specifies that for fire/smoke door assemblies the panic device shall not include any form of dogging mechanism. Therefore such devices can only be used on escape doors.

What standards apply to escape hardware?

The BS EN 1125 standard applies to panic exit hardware operated by a horizontal bar such as our cross bar modular products and touch bar range.

The BS EN179 standard applies to emergency exit devices operated by lever handles or push pads such as our push pad modular range products.

Can I make a 3 point escape device into a 2 point device?

Yes, to do this you need to blank off the middle latch bolt with the blanking piece provided with the product.

How can I gain access from the outside to a door fitted with escape hardware?

For our modular and touch bar range you can use our Outside Access Device (OAD) with level handle (PH361) or our Outside Access Device with knob (PH371).

Can I have an outside access device where you have to use a key to gain entry from the outside each time?

Yes, you need to specify the key retaining version, as with all OAD escape is always possible from the inside.

Can I link my panic hardware to electronic access control?

Yes, you would need to specify the motorised touch bar, or the PH381 electronic outside access device used in conjunction with our internal escape hardware.

Can you use products from different manufacturers in regards to escape devices?

The current EN standard's does not permit the mixing of different manufactures escape hardware products. For example an outside access device from one manufacturer cannot be used with an internal escape device from a different manufacturer.

What type of cylinder does your outside access device take/use?

41mm overall standard half euro cylinder.

Which striker do I need?

Strikers are available to suit timber, metal and PVCu doors. To specify the correct striker for PVCu we will need to know the name of profile or will require a profile drawing.

Typical applications are shown on pages 19 and 20 of our Emergency Exit and Panic Hardware catalogue. If you are still unsure and require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Which device do I need to suit my application?

Please refer to the Strand Antipanic door applications shown on pages 25 and 26 of our Emergency Exit and Panic Hardware catalogue. If you are still unsure and require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.