Strand Hardware

Smoke Control Panels

VCS-1 Daily Vent

Control Panel Single Zone 2Amp, 10Amp or 16Amp 24VDC Control Panels.
Used for daily ventilation and operation of 24v actuators
72 hour battery back up on mains failure.
300mm x 200mm x 150mm IP65 steel enclosure.
Sealed lead acid batteries.
Auto shut down to protect batteries (open vents to fail safe condition first).
Relay to provide volt free fault indication (when not used for auto-reset feature).
Open circuit cable detects power supply failures, removal of batteries etc (code fault signal).
Auto-test – Front of panel keyswitch enables testing and opening and closing of all actuators/vents connected.
Facility for smoke heads to be automatically reset.
Multi-Zone versions available by special order.
Application: Smoke Ventilation
Window Automation
Inputs for: Fire alarm signal.
Break glass call points.
Smoke detectors.
Heat detectors.
Fireman's override switch.
Rain sensor.
Wind sensor (subject to special order).